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Cake Decorating Courses

Whether you want to set up your own cake making company or fancy a little inspiration on the cooking front, our professional cake decorating courses could be the perfect solution.

With dozens of cake courses available, you can equip yourself with cake decorating knowledge in a huge variety of different topic areas. We provide all the products for you while attending our classes. If you are unsure of which course suits you best, please contact us any time between 9am and 9pm, 7 days a week.

  1. Masters Diploma in Cake Decoration Course
    The Masters Diploma in Cake Decoration course our most comprehensive package course for anyone who wants to learn the skills they need to create stunning cakes for every occasion. more

  2. Chocolate Paste Beginners
    Learn how to work with real Belgian chocolate paste by creating flowers and fans and other exciting techniques on this course.


  3. Stacked Wedding Cakes Course
    Learn how to stack and fill wedding cakes

    How to fill the tiers

    How to split the tiers and more

  4. Chocolate Paste Advanced
    Learn how to work with real Belgian chocolate paste more

  5. Special Effect Cake Making Course
    This special effects cake making course is almost guaranteed to cause people to be truly amazed by your cakes! So beautiful, they'll feel mean eating them! more

  6. Cake Baking Course - Level 1
    Create perfectly soft, moist and delectable cakes, whether they be chocolate, simple sponge or madeira, this course will teach you how to bake to perfection. more

  7. Cake Making Course - Level 2
    Want to learn how to make your cakes even better? This advanced cake making course could be the solution! more

  8. Royal Icing Course
    Learn how to use one of the most popular styles to make your cakes truly superb. Royal Icing can be used in a variety of different ways for a huge range of designs. You will learn how to make Royal Icing, how to colour Royal Icing, how to pipe, how to create flowers, embroidery, embossed designs.... more

  9. Mini Iced Cakes Course

    Learn how to bake and decorate mini iced cakes on this exciting course.


    Learn how to apply sugar decorations including flowers, stylised 3D flowers and bows.


  10. mini cake decorating course
    This mini cake decorating course will teach you how to decorate fabulous cakes only on a minute scale! These super cute minature cakes are really easy to make - once you know how. Let us help you impress all your friends, make more sales in your boutique or indulge in a wonderful pretty snack! This miniature cake decorating course will set your skillset into overdrive! more