Cake Decoration Line Open 9am - 5pm, Mon-Fri

Welcome To The Cake To Make Contest!

The Cake To Make competition is designed to help you promote your skills on how to make a great cake and win great prizes at the same time!


Eat cakes is one thing.

Make and decorate cakes is another!

So many people need assistance  in the creative production of cakes, we are providing   a making and baking competition for new and experienced cake decorators this year.

These courses are held at our studio in London.

Each Cake To Make contestant will be given a free cookery guide to take home, even if they don't make the runners up! The contest will provide detailed information on the content and process, as well as the instructors for each division.

In the competition we use first a so-called cake dummies. Of course, students can stock up and decorate a real cake. Which is essential for the processing of the cakes are all the same, we offer the all students cake blanks free of charge. Here you can choose from the following cake fillings:

vanilla cream

chocolate Mousse

strawberry Cream

Of course, each contestant will take the self-decorated cake to take home after the course.

There is no Cake-To-Make competition entry fee. We provide all the products for you (Styrofoam dummy cake, fondant, colors, flower paste, etc.) and drinks are included.

If you do not have a transport container for your cake, you can buy huge boxes from us. Prices start at just £0.20.

Please register with us and we will send you the registration details.